Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here's a New One

This morning my Yahoo mail account had not one but two emails from a Mr. Keneth jacobs[sic] (at least I'm assuming...). The subject: "Adorable Female Yorkshire Terrier Puppy For Adoption." I was, admittedly, intrigued. Not by the puppy itself (Yorkshire Terrier just screams yappy to me. I don't like yappy dogs. Not one bit), but by the fact that I'd gotten a completely random email from someone I don't know offering to let me adopt a puppy. So, since the danger of viruses was minimal (no attachments and I set my computer to block html graphics embedded in emails), I figured I'd take a look. What I got was this: MY NAME IS KENETH JACOBS, I AND MY WIFE ARE ON ACHRISTIAN MISSION TO AFRICA AND I CAME ALONG WITH MY PUPPY. AFTER A WHILE I NOTICE THAT THE WEATHER HERE IS NOT GOOD FOR THE PUPPY AND I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TOTAKE GOOD CARE OF HER THE WAY I ALWAYS DO BECAUSE OF MY JOB.I NEED A SOMEONE TO ADOPT HER AND TAKE CARE OF HERTHE WAY I ALWAYS DO. IF YOU CAN TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER DO SEND A REPLY AND I WILL EMAIL YOU HER PICTURES. I HOPE TO READ FROM YOU. REGARDS, KENETH JACOBS So, um, there's nothing about this that doesn't scream "Nigerian Scam E-Mail!" It shouts it from the rooftops. Still, it's kind of a funny subject matter. At first I couldn't figure out what the scam was, as there are no promises of riches to be had, just a puppy. Then I realized that it's probably going to be something that requires me to send a couple grand for "customs duties" or "immunizations" or "undercarriage rust treatment" and at no point will I get a puppy. Which, by the way, probably wouldn't be a puppy by now, anyway. I mean, by the time you get a puppy, take it across the world, then realize that you can't take care of it, then send it back across the world, you no longer have a puppy. What you have now is a dog. Ah, well, I suppose the scam is better than the alternative. I mean, imagine if there was an actual missionary somewhere in the world who was dumb enough to take a yorkie puppy on an African mission...

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