Friday, October 3, 2008


Did one of the Vice Presidential candidates really say, "Darn right," a whole crapload of times last night? I'm not one to estimate the, "It'll play in Peoria," appeal of the folksy, down-home attitude that shows a political party more than willing to sacrifice the country in the name of the election, but hoy crap, I can hear that nasally voice saying, "You're darn right," in my head and it gives me the chills. If anybody needs me I'll be moving to one of those countries that only offers the illusion of democracy. I hear the debates there are a lot quicker.


big a said...

Am I the only one who also noticed that Palin barely answered most questions - filling time with "hooray for America" snowjobbing?

While I'm far from a Biden fan, his presentation was much more matter-of-fact with minimal filler.

Actually, in terms of presentation of ideas and facts, I think I like Biden better than Obama or McCain aswell.

the woeful budgie said...

"Say it ain't so, Joe, there ya go!"

I felt like I was watching Fargo.

She also said "nu-cue-ler" a few times there, but I suppose I'm nitpicking.

Also, I had no beer last night. Sad.

Jason said...
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the woeful budgie said...

Actually, I'm fairly convinced we were watching Tina Fey last night.

Fiat Lex said...

My little sister told me she had to watch the vice presidential debates sitting next to mom, who is an ardent McCain/Palin fan. I gave her whiskey.

The presidential debates were interesting; I was heartened to see both candidates appeared to be making an effort to be taken seriously. But we ended up watching the ChiSox lose instead.

Now I guess I'll have to count on comedy news shows to fill in the blanks for me.