Friday, June 19, 2009


I ostensibly started this blog to write about and discuss history. I got in to history because of the American Civil War. So in that vein, we're 11 days away from the 145th anniversary* of what I consider the four most important days in American history. Try not to be too shocked, but there will soon be some heavy history-related content going on all up in here. *EDIT: Oh, wait, crap. It's the 146th anniversary. Damn. I thought that was a little too neat...


ExPatMatt said...

As a young, British expat living in Canada I know next to nothing of American History (like most Americans really - snap!), although I know you dumped out tea in a harbour one time; what kind of monsters are you?

Anyway, I will look forward to the history lesson and have my apple polished and everything.


atimetorend said...

Hmmm, July 4th, gotta be Pennsylvania... Continental Congress, Gettysburg... The excitement will be killing me! Four days, i'm going with Gettysburg.

ExPatMatt said...


If you're heading that way, make sure you get the right address.