Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deeply Important Question

This is my living room. How much are those Lego pirate ships on top of the bookcase reducing my chances, y'know, with the ladies? I mean, assuming any girls who don't have the words "St. Pauli" on their labels ever come over...


jessa said...

1. I am a lady and I like legos.

2. This photo doesn't make it clear that they are lego ships. As far as I can tell, they could be classy wooden ship models.

3. If it were me, the television would be more off-putting than lego ships. (I have a thing against televisions. I keep campaigning my family to be rid of them, but they don't seem interested.)

4. I am a lady whose opinion on this you may want to disregard because I am a lady who does not date.

BathTub said...

Would you want a lady who disliked lego?

Leigh said...

I love Legos, and frankly I don't see why anyone would date someone who doesn't.

PersonalFailure said...

It's clean. I'd marry you just for that.

and i have a great big box of legos, complete with happy lego people (the old school thin ones).

DMD said...

You need artwork on those walls!

BathTub said...

Yeah some big Lego posters perhaps?

atimetorend said...

Natalie Dee addresses action figures here:

Do you really want a lady in your life who won't accept you for who you are, Legos and all?

ExPatMatt said...

Legos?! What are you, some kind of manchild?

Now K'Nex, on the other hand, is some sexy shit....

The Woeful Budgie said...

Everyone's beat me to this, but still: I think the real question here is, do you want to waste your time on a woman who can't appreciate Legos?

But DMD's right. A few pictures up on that wall wouldn't hurt.

MikhailBorg said...

For the set of ladies I've dated, the Lego ships would be an added attraction. This is not at all an accident, as I tend to select for the type of lady who like to mess with Legos.

Geds said...


I think you're probably in the minority on that whole not liking the TV thing...


Hold off on picking out china patterns until you've been exposed to the wonder I call the "Work In Progress Room."

DMD, Budgie:

You wouldn't happen to be on my sister's payroll, would you? She says I need wall hangings every time she comes over. I solved the problem, though. She's no longer welcome in my home...

Just kidding. She's welcome, she's just not allowed to talk.

Also, as a general note:

The Lego pirate ships weren't there until last week. I took all but three of my sets apart years ago (the ships and the big Technic helicopter) and put them away. I loved those ships, though, so I kept them up. They were still at my parents' house and last week I finally went and got them. I then found that there weren't too many places to store them, so they ended up on my book case. It's not like they have to stay there...

Also, I just love Craig Ferguson's expression in that picture. I didn't notice it until after the post went live, though.

sinned34 said...

St. Pauli? Really? Granted, it's better than Bud and the vast majority of the "sex in a canoe" American beers, but I hope you sample more beers than that.

Geds said...

Ha! You want the list (which I bring you as an intellectual exercise...)? Beers I've sampled in no particular order:

Two Brothers Dog Days, Domaine DuPage, Pale Ale, Bitter End, Hop Juice, Cain & Ebel, Northwind Imperial Stout
Metropolitan Copper Dynamo, Flywheel
Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin, Pils, IPA
North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout
Wittekerke Belgian White Ale
Hoegaarden Belgian White
Land Shark Lager
Founders Old Curmudgeon Ale, Pale Ale, Cherry Wheat
Magic Hat #9
Warsteiner Dunkel, Pilsner
Big Sky Moose Drool, Scape Goat, IPA
Bell's Oberon
Sam Adams of enough varieties it's not easy to remember
Leinenkugel's: see Sam Adams
Goose Island 312, Summertime, Honker's, um, others
Smithwick's, Harp, Bass, Guinness
Newcastle Brown Ale
Pilsner Urquel
Shock Top
Old Milwaukee
Natty Light

Um, there's probably a whole bunch of others floating around out there. For one thing, I'll often sample anything that looks interesting but I won't always write it down.

And, for the record, I rather like St. Pauli Girl. It was one of the first beers I ever had, so there's a soft spot in my heart for the Girl...

sinned34 said...

That's a pretty good starter list there, Geds!

That's a great idea though - I should try and compile a list of the beers I've tried. I probably wont' remember half of them since my wife made me throw out my empty beer can/bottle collection!