Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, By the Way...

I'm back, baby! I'm trying to get back in to the swing of writing a story I was working on over at Right Behind, but which kind of dropped off the face of the Earth last winter. I never intended to just drop it like that, but, y'know, things happen. Either way, I popped a new entry up last night and I'm hoping to write one a week or so. But who knows if that will happen? Life. Kinda busy... Meanwhile, funny story, the overall narrative is called "Answered Prayer," even though I'm now on what I would consider Chapter 2 or Book 2 or something, called "Lead Thoughts and Lost Horizons." "Answered Prayer" was originally supposed to end on a big reveal. That reveal, I shit you not, was that the main character was a pedophile who hated what he was but was powerless to change and one night found himself praying to god to take away his burden. And, poof, at that moment the Rapture occurred and all the little children were gone. There are actually still some vestiges of that idea in the first couple entries, especially my initial description of Dawn. I decided on a couple of things pretty quickly, though. 1. I really liked the characters and had placed them in the middle of a fantastic scenario. I wanted to be able to have them interact with their world for a longer time than the initial idea would have allowed. There were a lot of discussions on the Slacktivist threads at the time about the various bits of surreality in L&J's universe and I realized I had an excellent vehicle to attempt to parse out what might really happen in the aftermath of the Rapture. 2. I'd just finished writing a story that ended with a major surprise. I didn't want to risk being type-cast as "that guy who goes for crazy, gimmicky shit." 3. I've got a weird habit of writing unlikeable characters. I wanted to try for someone who was driven by the consequences of what he'd been through and was trying to retain his own goodness. It seemed like a good change of pace. 4. I like what I came up with as an alternative much, much more. The premise of "Answered Prayer" still works, and on a lot of levels it works quite a bit better. But I ain't gonna spoil anything, so if you haven't read it yet, go do so now. Now!

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