Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Upcoming Storytelling Thingies

Since I’m lazy and don’t feel like writing an actual post… Quick reminder: Sunday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend is the Fox Valley Folk and Storytelling Festival. It should be good times. Please direct all inquiries to this previous post that has slightly more information. New updates: September 25th and 26th is the Illinois Storytelling Festival. It’s at Dominican University in River Forest. I, um, I have nothing to do with it. I think I’m a few years away from even being considered. Although I know all the right people, so I have that goin’ for me. But Tim Tingle and Jim May will be there. I’m a fan of both. And there will be a bunch of other stuff, too. This is kind of breaking news, but apparently Jim May approached the Fox Valley Guild about doing a set at the Woodstock Spoken Word Café he runs. It's at the Stage Left Cafe attached to The Woodstock Opera House. Sue Black, Linda Gorham, the Double Deckers, Donna Dettman, and some guy who calls himself Geds on the intertoobs* will be there on September 19th. Rumor has it we’re telling ghost story type things. You heard it here first. Also, Woodstock is kind of a hike from Chicago, but what do I care? You shouldn’t, either. -------------------------------- *One of these things is not like the others. Seriously, I'm still not entirely sure why they're letting me participate. But I'm pretty sure nobody knows better than they do that you've got to start somewhere. Seriously, storytellers are awesome.

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