Sunday, October 11, 2009

Third Verse, Same as the First

My question has been answered. A week ago I asked if it would be possible for the Peacemakers to do anything to exceed the show at Vnuk’s or if Rogtober peaked too soon. It, um, it didn’t. Saturday become something more than a concert. It became a party. See, on Wednesday this guy that those who read the comments know as The Everlasting Dave decided to come, too. It worked, since I’ve known Dave since the 3rd grade. And Dave is about to marry another commenter you all might know and love who calls herself Fiat Lex. Rogtober Part 3 became Dave’s bachelor party. And having had Rogtober Parts 1 and 2 it managed to be awesome, not just because of the fact that it was Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at the really cool High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI, but because of a couple guys named Thomas and Henry, an awesome couple named Hal and Andrea, and a really cool, ever so slightly obsessive Peacemakers fan named Tawni. Oh, yeah, and this guy named Jim Dalton who’s kind of important for some reason… If you go to a Peacemakers show you will make friends if you want to. We actually met Thomas and Henry back at the Joe’s on Weed St. show in May. I was pushing my way through the crowd trying to find Fiat and Dave when I ran it to them and we pretended to get in to a fight (you kind of had to be there). Fiat had brought a sign she had written “BUFFALO” on. In the middle of the show Thomas grabbed the sign, passed it up to Roger, and he stuck it on the amplifier and the band played “Buffalo.” Last Saturday I was standing on the main floor at Vnuk’s before the show started and I turned to my left and saw this vaguely familiar guy. He saw me, pointed, and made this exaggerated angry face. It was Thomas. Henry was there, too, so we hung out. They told me that they were going to try to get to Madison and bring their wives. On Tuesday in Appleton I met Hal and Andrea. We hung out during the show. They told me they were going to try to make Madison, too. So when I walked in to the High Noon Saloon with Dave on Saturday and saw Thomas, Henry, Hal, and Andrea there I knew we’d have some fun. It also allowed me to ditch Dave for about 45 minutes so I could run across town and say, “Hi,” to Jessi and Sarah. I told everyone what was what and Hal bought Dave a beer, which was pretty much awesome of them. I missed most of the opening act, but it was totally worth it to see Jessi and Sarah. They had a fish named Simon. It’s already dead. And that’s the entirety of that story. It was shots of Patron and pints of New Glarus Spotted Cow and friends and music and life and joy. And it was a damn good setlist, too… European Swallow Beautiful Disaster Wanted Americano World Ain’t Gone Crazy Tell Yer Mama Maybe We Should Fall in Love Mexico Lemons (not on the setlist) Manana (not on the setlist) Contraband City Girls Banditos (Yes, I know I posted a video of “Banditos” last time around. However, there are many good reasons for me to do this again. First, the hand that comes in from the right side at about 12 seconds in and toasts Roger belongs to Hal. Second, the banter is great. Third, Jim Dalton is awesome. Fourth, it’s fucking “Banditos.” Fifth, well, I’ll get to that in a minute…) Preacher’s Daughter I Know You Know Feelin’ Trailer Park Leaky Little Boat Switchblade Down Together Hello New Day Counterclockwise Girly Yahoos and Triangles Encore Break Mekong I Do Nada In the middle of “Nada” I leaned over to Hal and asked him to distract Dave for a few minutes after the show. I went back to the merch table, found Boots, and asked him if he could get the band to sign a tour poster for Dave and Fiat in honor of their upcoming nuptials. He said it would take about an hour before he could guarantee anything. So I needed to kill some time. I bought Dave another beer and told him I was going to go talk to the girl who had been going insane at front and center all night (seriously, it’s hard to imagine anyone having the kind of fun she was having whilst vertical…). I wandered back up to the stage and introduced myself to her. She told me her name was Tawni, she’s from New Mexico, and she’s one of those fans who goes to, like, every show possible. I told her about my plot and she said, “Oh, let’s go check out at the bus.” I met Roger and Nick at the Vnuk’s show back in May and hung out with Jim, so I knew there would be plenty of hanging out. And I knew my mission would be a success. My main issue was figuring out how to keep things secret from Dave, so it seemed that Tawni was offering me the perfect cover. We went outside. It was fucking cold in Madison on Saturday night. She was wearing flip-flops. No one was at the bus, so we sat down and started talking. Nick wandered by a couple minutes later and signed the posters (I’d grabbed one for me, too…). Then Dave showed up. The three of us walked to the bus and saw that Jim was standing outside talking to some people. I decided that it wasn’t going to do me any good to try to hide things from Dave anymore, so I just told Jim what was what. He took the posters and disappeared in to the bus. A few minutes later he emerged with two signed posters. He then thanked me for posting the “Banditos” video from the Appleton show. No, seriously. There’s a reason the “Banditos” video I slapped up in this post ends with Jim looking directly in to my camera. Someone had sent him a link to my previous video and he saw me standing right up front with my camera yet again. Rogtober was a complete and total success. Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers are a great band and even better people who attract phenomenal fans. So go see them the next time their bus rolls in to town. You won’t be disappointed. And YouTube videos just don't do it justice... After a thousand miles in eight days, three tanks of gas, probably about $150 in beer, tequila, and whiskey, lots of missed sleep, a new t-shirt, and two posters I only have one regret. I won’t be able to go see them tomorrow.


big a said...


So let me get this straight...

You managed to get RCPM to play "Buffalo" live, a song they pretty much never play live for reasons unbeknownst to me, and you didn't youtube that shit?

Fiat Lex said...

:D Thank you, Geds. You are awesome.

This is the second spontaneous wedding present we've received, and unlike Mom hiring professional movers to move us out of our old place and into the new, that poster is something we can frame and put up on the wall! Right next to the Buffalo sign!

Now my sister Amber is pondering how I can has a bachelorette party as well. I wonder if I'll be able to make an open mic night at the Oasis in West Chicago anytime soon...

The Everlasting Dave said...

Dave's side of the story:

After the show, I distracted myself well enough, cause I wanted to get that excellent shot of the setlist from Hal. Then you told me you wanted to mack, so I chilled and drank my beer. Then I went over to Jboots and took him to task for not laying any Young MC on us, before asking how much the double-sized shot glass was. It was more than I had, so he cut me a deal. The moral of that story is, Jboots can be neither stopped nor contained.

So then after we met up out front and got the posters (Major props to Jim Dalton for hanging out), I waited around for Roger to come out, and I was the last to shake his hand before he got back on the bus. He wished me felicidades, and I said muchas gracias. Moral of that story, Roger Clyne is also awesome- but everyone reading this blog already knows that.

Awesome night- Probably the best concert experience I've had, and definitely the best day anyone has ever had while in Wisconsin.

big a-
I'm pretty sure Geds lacked the video camera when we got our request played, earlier this year. Still, he could've gotten it at Vnuk's this year. Hmm.