Monday, March 22, 2010

The Advantages of Living in Dallas

No.  Seriously.  I've found one.

June.  It may well be enough to put Rogtober to shame.

Friday, 6/18 - The Boiler Room, Denton, TX
Saturday, 6/19 - Wormy Dog Saloon, Oklahoma City
Tuesday, 6/22 - CJ Moloney's, Broken Arrow, OK
Wednesday, 6/23 - The Bash in the Depot, Lubbock, TX
Thursday, 6/24 - The Aardvark, Fort Worth, TX
Friday, 6/25 - Antone's, Austin, TX
Saturday, 6/26 - Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, TX*

The shows in Broken Arrow and Lubbock might be a bit difficult to make.  But we're talking a minimum of five shows in nine days.



*If I go to this show I'll finally find out where Time Warner Cable thinks I live!

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BeamStalk said...

New Braunfels is in between Austin and San Antonio. It is a place worth visiting because of one thing: