Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I Hate


Seriously.  They're a bunch of fucking bastards.  When I left Illinois apparently there was money still due left on my account.  I wasn't exactly trying to not pay them off, I just wasn't aware of it.  I got mail yesterday saying I had to pay them $44.90 by March 12th or it would be put in to collection.

The mail they sent got to me on MARCH FUCKING THIRTEENTH.

My cell phone is AT&T.  My internet is AT&T.  My home phone is AT&T.  My TV is DirecTV through AT&T.  And these fuckers are sending me collection notices on less than forty-five bucks that get to me a day after the due date?

Fuck that noise.  I totally get why AT&T's customers hate them.  Jackasses.

The real problem with this, though, is that it's not like any other telecom is better.  Don't even get me started on Time Warner.  Or the fact that no, Time Warner, I don't live in New Braunfels, nor do I know where that is.

So what the hell do you do?  I hate AT&T, but Time Warner's no better and I have no urge to switch my cell service to Verizon or T-Mobile or anything.  As such they have absolutely no particular reason to, y'know, no be complete assholes.

I guess we could call AT&T the Democratic phone company.  I hate them, but they don't give a shit and their competition is even worse.

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