Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where You Goin' After?

Just in case anyone needs an excuse to drink on a Thursday, I know where I'm gonna be...

Also, apropos of nothing, it occurred to me this morning that Gen X is turning in to their parents (with the caveat that, depending on where you look, I'm either at the trailing end of Gen X or the front end of Gen Y (aka The Millennials, which is just effin' stupid).

These days you have a lot of aging Baby Boomers spending unseemly amounts of money to see Mick Jagger stagger around the stage with the Stones.  The Super Bowl has, of late, been an aging rocker reunion tour (Tom Petty, The Who, Springsteen, etc.).

But these days we have 30- and 40-something Gen Xers going off to see U2 and Pearl Jam.  My big news for last month was the Soundgarden reunion.

So does that mean that twenty years from now I'm going to be prepped to see a 65 year-old Eddie Vedder do an off-key rendition of "Given to Fly" at the halftime show of the Super Bowl while we all pretend Mike McCready can still thrash?  Will I be lining up to spend $1000 for front-row tickets for the latest Soundgarden reunion tour?

History says yes.  Yes I probably will.

And there's a reasonably good chance the Roger Clyne will still be running around with the latest incarnation of the Peacemakers, playing shitty bars and drinking too much tequila.  I'll be there for that, too.


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The Everlasting Dave said...

I dunno, I think Pearl Jam's SB halftime show would be some godawful medley including Corduroy, Evenflow, Alive, and possible Yellow Ledbetter. It would also be ridiculously bad. But not as bad as the mental picture I had of a 50 year old Billie Joe Armstrong after reading this post. The horror... The horror. Roger, on the other hand, I can see aging well. I hear tequila's great for premortem embalming.