Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Where the Sun Now Stands I Shall Fight No More Forever

I swore I would never do it.  But times change.  People change.

I have officially joined the Evil Empire.

My tail-end-of-the-first-gen HTC Tilt has been slowly dying.  Windows Mobile 6.1 has also been increasingly, massively frustratingly slow.  My hope was to hold out until the iPhone 4G hit or, if at all possible, cross my fingers and hope against hope that I could make it to Windows Mobile 7 and actually see if it lives up to the hype.

Then today Wonderphone stopped holding a charge.  For the period of about an hour today I sent Big A text messages with the latest percentage readout as it dropped from 94% to, quite literally, 0%.  And all I was doing was monitoring battery level and sending texts.

So I pulled the trigger.  Gedsmophone v 7.0 is officially an iPhone 3GS.

And, wow.  I've had seven cell phones.  My first cell phone was one of those ubiquitous Nokia candy bar phones.  Then I had to switch from Cingular to U.S. Cellular because there was no Cingular service in Macomb.  So I had a piece of crap Motorola that broke and was replaced by another piece of crap Motorola.  Then I went back to AT&T and got a Nokia flip that I really liked.  But I dropped that at the Beat Kitchen during the Seven Night Stand and it broke.  So I got a Nokia 6555 flip to replace it, which I also really liked.  But then I jumped to smart phones with my HTC Tilt.  And I doubt anyone cares about such things, even me.

Either way, here's my problem with HTC: they advertise their phones well.  Their phones look really nice.  Windows Mobile 6.5 is actually a really snappy looking OS.  But I now trust HTC's durability about as much as Motorola's (which is to say, not at all) and there's no way I'd saddle myself with another Windows Mobile OS unless 7 proves to be a revelation.

So every time I see the HTC Tilt 2 my initial reaction is, "Me wantee!"  But then I stop and remember, "Wait.  I have a Tilt.  Never mind."

EDIT:  Gorram.  I screwed up the auto-post again.


Fake Al Gore said...

I suppose now you'll want app recommendations.


Tap Tap Revenge 3 (online mode is addictive)
The Impossible Game (just like it sounds)


Skeptical Science (debunk AGW denialists' claims)

I don't use a lot of apps. Heck, I'm open to suggestions from everyone else.

Good luck with the new phone.

Geds said...


I'd already grabbed Facebook and Shazam. Apparently I always forget about Pandora until someone mentions it, though.

I've also grabbed Urbanspoon, the Weather Channel's app, Fandango, a solitare game, and a spreadsheet program, since I've used PDAs/Wonderphone as checkbook ledger's for years.

Oh, and I got the Zippo app. I'm also thinking of getting iFart.

Meanwhile, do I have to get a sudoku app if I actually kind of hate sudoku?

Fake Al Gore said...

Yes, it is required by Apple law that you have a sudoku app. Fortunately for you, you don't live in Cupertino under Apple jurisdiction.

Michael Mock said...

Aha! *That* Evil Empire...

Janet said...

How I miss the little Nokia "candy bar" phone. Years of selfless service under adverse conditions. Sent mine through the clothes washer and after drying out it booted up like nothing had happened. Finally lost it throwing hay, it fell into the horse feeder. That night when I missed it, I rang for it and heard its distant song coming from the pasture. The screen was cracked; presumably one of the mares had chomped it. But if you remembered the keystrokes, it still made calls. No phone manufactured since has ever impressed me. It seems like a phone can't just be a phone anymore.