Monday, May 24, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

So I've had my iPhone 3GS for a week now.  And there's only one question going through my head: "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Actually, the reason for that is simple.  The 3GS wasn't out yet when I got my Tilt and I still had my knee-jerk anti-Apple stance.  But a year and a half of Windows Mobile 6.1 has given me vast amounts of appreciation for the one, simple fact of the iPhone: it works.  It works well.  It works really well.

Plus, as someone who loves to think of himself as being on the cutting edge of faffing about, I now have the App Store.  If I need to kill some time I can do some Mafia Wars, Crush the Castle (brilliant little App...), or play some sweet tower defense action.  And there's always Words with Friends, wherein I learned that playing word games with English Majors is a recipe for disaster.

And there's other random stuff, too, like Stanza.  I now have the ability to access all of Project Gutenburg via my phone.  It's actually possible for me to use Wikipedia on the go now.  The DirecTV app works way better than trying to go through their site on Mobile IE.  So, basically, all the stuff I had access to before I still have access to...but better.

I've still got some complaints.  The spreadsheet app that I have works a lot less well than Mobile Excel.  There's that whole no Flash thing, but I couldn't even watch YouTube videos before, so it's not like I count this as a loss.  I still hate iTunes with a passion and miss being able to just hook my phone to my computer and drag and drop.  But considering that syncing my phone makes up a relatively tiny amount of my overall usage time, I'll trade a less efficient sync process for a better actual phone.

Either way, I'm a convert.

But you still won't see me hauling around a Macbook any time soon.  Hellz no.


Adrenalin Tim said...

What tower defense game to you like? I tried Fieldrunners, whereupon I decided that I don't really like the open-field tower defense style. TapDefense is okay, but I got bored pretty quickly.

I love Plants vs. Zombies, and recently I discovered a pretty sweet music game called Beat It!

Geds said...

I've been playing Tower Madness, which is open field tower defense. Aliens going after sheep is strangely awesome. I've heard good things about Plants v. Zombies, but never played.

Fake Al Gore said...

Plants vs. Zombies is one of my all-time favorite tower defense games. You can try it out for free on PopCap Games' website.