Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'd Like to Raise Another Round

I spent all my money on cheap beer and good tequila.

The website said the doors were at 7, but the show wasn’t until 10.  So I wandered in to Denton at a bit before 8, only to find that there was no parking and the doors didn’t actually open until 8:30.

I could hear the sound check as I walked around the corner to a bar.  “Counterclockwise” pounded through the walls as I grabbed a bar stool and asked for a Franconia Kolsch.*

The guy next to me asked if I knew the score for the soccer match.  We started talking and I said I was in Denton for RCPM.  He said, “You know, I just talked to a girl who said she came all the way from Albuquerque for them.”

I responded, “Did her name happen to be Tawni?”

A few minutes later I turned around and saw Roger, Nick, Boots, and PH walk in to the room.  Said, “Hi,” shook hands.

And thus did the night start.

It’s strange how Mike Doughty, Scott Lucas, the guys from Seneca, and now RCPM have become my familiar faces in a foreign land.  It’s funny, too, how there will be more familiar faces tonight in OKC and next weekend in Fort Worth, Austin, and New Braunfels.  I already know a couple people I’ll be seeing several times.

The world of RCPM is small.  These aren’t arena shows, there aren’t high production costs.  There’s just music and fans.  And I get the distinct impression that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

And I’d rather pass my concerts in a place with $2 PBR and $5 shots of 1800 tequila, anyway…

Anyway, here’s the set list:

European Swallow
I Don’t Need Another Thrill
Beautiful Disaster
Never Thought
Better Beautiful than Perfect
Jack v. Jose
Yahoos & Triangles
Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park

Down Together
Hello New Day
Preacher’s Daughter
Sweet Caroline with Jim Dalton on the lead
I Do

(Not Actually a) Encore Break

Green & Dumb
Maybe We Should Fall in Love

In a couple hours I'll be headed for Oklahoma City.  I'm just getting warmed up...


*I haven’t gotten to the cheap beer part yet…


The Everlasting Dave said...

I'd give this one of my highest ratings ever: eleven thumbs up. I gotta admit, I asked for setlists just to nod and appreciate vicariously, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised for you. Those first six songs are heads-explode awesome. And then throwing in Trailer Park, New Day, Interstate, Mekong, Lemons, I Do. By my tastes, that's like 3 songs (Buffalo, Contraband, State of the Art) short of a perfect show. And you know you're gonna get those either tonight or in a week. Settin' the bar pretty damn high to kick it off.

Fiat Lex said...

So jealous. ;) in a good way.