Monday, August 23, 2010

Update for the Sake of Updating

So I'm too tired to write about the Council of Nicaea.  I'm also too tired to write about trickster gods, which is what I was kinda-sorta working on.  I have another post worked up about the general awesomeness of storytelling and Neil Gaiman, but it hasn't really jelled yet.

Instead of doing actual work, then, I think I'll just write a quick update post.

Next Saturday.  Lost Immigrants.  The place is called Love and War in Texas and it's off of north bound 75 in Plano.  Seeing as how the building seems to be actually made out of neon signage, I doubt you can miss it (Michael Mock, I'm looking at you.  Also, it's right by the Fry's.  And it's made out of neon signs).The band's website say they go on at 8 pm.  And it's $8.

Either way, Big A says he may or may not be available later on, as he works at night.  Michael Mock seems down.  I'm hoping Fake Al Gore is, y'know, not going to be in Colorado.

Still, I'm thinking perhaps dinner and hanging out, if anyone is interested. Some time in the neighborhood of six-thirty-ish, I'd say.  And this time there's about a 90% chance I won't get confused by the parking structure, so I might even be there when I say I'll be there...

Also, other random Dallas-area people who may or may not be reading this blog and enjoy really good music of the neo-traditional/Americana variety should also go.  The Lost Immigrants are really quite good.


Meanwhile, on the list of things that kinda-sorta piss me off about not living in Chicago:

A Chicago musician named Matthew Leone was recently hospitalized.  A shitload of Chicago bands decided to hold a benefit.  Sunday actually marked one of my dream concerts: Local H and the Lovehammers on the same goddamn stage.  Not only that, but they went on at the same time and played a cover of "Baba O'Riley."

Seriously.  If anyone is willing to point me to a YouTube video of that, I'll be eternally grateful.


Also, on a totally unrelated note: I've resigned myself to the idea that I'll be spending my thirtieth birthday in Dallas.  This kinda-sorta depresses me.  Um, I'd like to be out of Dallas by early 2012, ideally.  I've decided that if the world is going to end in 2012, I'd rather see it end from somewhere else...

I don't generally do birthday parties.  I believe part of the problem is that I historically have not had a lot of friends and I don't like hanging out with large groups of people.  However, I'm thinking of doing something different for 30.  This is, admittedly, nine months away, but hey...

See, I got to thinking about this specifically because I went to see Local H on my 28th and the Lost Immigrants on my 29th.  So I was thinking, "Hey, birthday concert.  That'd be fucking awesome."  Perhaps, y'know, invite Jessi Lynn on down, see if the Lost Immigrants were available or Seneca was over on this side of the pond in May.

Then I realized that I live in a two-bedroom apartment and do not so much have a venue for such things.

I can't tell you how much it sucks to not be excruciatingly rich.  So, basically, if I win the Lottery (which would be tough, since I don't so much play the Lottery...) between now and then and find myself in a place where I'm stupid rich, I'm going to have a sweet party.  Seriously, this would be my ultimate birthday lineup:

Jessi Lynn
Lost Immigrants
Mike Doughty
Local H

Also, it's entirely possible that Idlewild, the Saw Doctors, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden would be involved in the Real Ultimate Power Birthday Lineup, but that would be one hell of a birthday Gedstravaganza.  And even my imaginary Lotto winnings scenario doesn't have enough funds for that.  And I'd need more hangers-on to really justify it.  And if it gets too big the sets would have to be really short, it would have to be stretched over two days, or there would need to be multiple stages, which would kind of defeat the purpose.  So that's tough.

And, now that I think about it, my musical tastes are really bizarre.  But, okay, let me see if I can turn this in to an even more pointless thought experiment.  There'd be three sets.

First, the singer-songwriter set, consisting of Jessi Lynn, Matt Nathanson, Over the Rhine, and Mike Doughty.

Second, the roots rock set, consisting of the Lost Immigrants, Saw Doctors, the Peacemakers, and Pearl Jam.[1]

Third, the rock goodness set, consisting of Seneca, the Lovehammers, Local H, Idlewild, and Soundgarden.[2]

Why do I get the feeling that if I woke up a billionaire tomorrow I wouldn't actually change much in the way of my living habits, but I'd get in to the habit of, say, paying Idlewild a stupid amount of money to fly over and throw a private concert?

That would be awesome.

Also, I literally have no clue why I just wrote this part of a post that was supposed to be a really quick update.  This is apparently what happens when I feel like writing but don't have the brain power to write anything, y'know, worthwhile.


[1]Pearl Jam doesn't technically fit here, but of the major grunge acts they were definitely the folk-iest.  And the rock goodness set is just too long as it is.  Even so, I've seen the Saw Doctors and Peacemakers do two and a half hour sets and, although I haven't personally witnessed one, I know Pearl Jam will do up to three hours.  So even at that it's a long night.

[2]At this point I'm thinking that there's only one thing that needs to be done here.  Throw Flogging Molly, the Fratellis, Green Day, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Randy Rogers Band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Reckless Kelly in here and call it "Gedsapalooza."  It'll be about a thousand times better than this year's Lollapalooza was.  Plus it will have this bizarre Chicago rock/Texas Country vibe that literally makes sense to only me.

Why can't I be an eccentric billionaire?  I'd probably leave random waitresses $100 tips for cups of coffee, adopt all the dogs in dog shelters, and engage in the creation of whimsically bizarre music festivals.  I sure as shit wouldn't go out and destroy the Gulf of Mexico, create human centipedes, or talk about how I give to charity because, um, you should see my tax returns...


Holy mother of awesomeness.  It's on YouTube.  Except the cameraperson obviously did not understand that Scott Lucas was the most important person on that stage...


Fake Al Gore said...

I'm in Texas for this one, but I'm also flat broke. This pisses me off, but them's the breaks.

Geds said...

Hmm. That's gonna be awkward, since Big A's not coming, either.

Fake Al Gore said...

My next weekend where I can do something will probably be in late September. My dog had surgery to remove a plasmacytoma from his mouth which drained us for the month. Plus, I have my dad's and niece's birthdays coming up.

Let's try to get some good bar-b-que or something on the weekend of the 18th.