Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good News and Bad News and Other News

So the good news is I’m still blogging.

The bad news is that I’m blogging from beyond the grave.

The really bad news is that death looks exactly like my regular life.

Silver lining: this proves my hypothesis that Texas = Hell.

Anyway, yeah.  Big, bad Dennis Markuze didn’t get me.  He didn’t even leave Montreal.  I know this because of the IP address from which he’s been leaving his bullshit all morning.  Which also indicates that he lacks the faith in his god to believe that the job got done.  So, good times.

Meanwhile, yesterday I got to contend with Tropical Event Hermoine and spend a bunch of time driving around Dallas in the neighborhood of the tornadoes that were apparently much worse than I though.  Yet here I am, still alive…

Anyway, we’ve proved yet again that Dennis Markuze is not a threat.  But he is massively annoying.


This has also caused me to make a decision I’ve been putting off for a while.  I’m going to migrate the blog, probably to Wordpress.  Blogger’s interface is clunky and annoying.  Their moderation is basically useless, as you have to have it all the way on or all the way off.  The rollout of their Spam filter only clinched it, as I have received 29 comments from DM since yesterday, marked all of them as Spam, and still they get posted as normal.  A quick perusal of the message boards indicates that I’m most definitely not the only person having this problem.

I can’t complain too much, as Blogger is free.  That also makes it really hard for me to feel like storming off in high dudgeon.  Still, I’d rather have more control than what Blogger offers.

Anyway, further bulletins as events warrant…


PersonalFailure said...

Yeah, I was having the same problem with blogger spam filter, too. Does it do anything at all?

You were driving around with tornadoes? Does Chicago not get tornadoes or something?

Geds said...

I get the distinct impression you have to have moderation turned all the way on for the Spam filter to have an effect. I also get the distinct impression that this completely defeats the purpose.

And, yes. There are tornadoes in Chicago. Although they generally didn't get in to the areas I lived in. Lake Michigan's effect on such things was quite pronounced.

The issue at hand is that I didn't know there were tornadoes until I was out and about and much closer to them than my apartment. Which is on the third floor, anyway...