Thursday, September 24, 2009


So while I was purchasing tickets for RCPM and Mike Doughty I happened to notice that the Peacemakers are going to be in Appleton, Wisconsin on October 6th. Which puts me on the horns of a dilemma. Namely, do I go? Appleton's about 200 miles north of Chi-town, so with my car that generally gets about 360-380 miles on the highway on a single tank of gas there's not a particularly big expenditure there. I'd have to take Wednesday the 7th off of work, but I've been figuring I'd need to take an extra day off somewhere in there after my week of hospitals and neurotic schnauzers, so again, no big. I'd be cutting it close, but if I left from work at 5 I could totally hit Appleton in time. But, by the same token, that's 400 miles I don't have to drive to see the Peacemakers a third time over the course of a week. And I'll probably end up doing something really stupid in honor of such a thing, like referring to the tenth month of this year as "Rogtober."* So I throw myself on the mercy of the internet. Whatever you decide is what I shall do.** Oh, also, for anyone who's planning to be somewhere around southern Wisconsin during the first week of Rogtober, tickets to the Milwaukee show are at Ticketweb, which is like Ticketmaster without the suck (even though I think Ticketmaster now owns them...) for $15 plus a $3.50 fee. Tickets for the Madison show are at Brown Paper Tickets for $10 plus a $1.24 fee. Really, it's practically like taking food out of the mouths of Roger's children... -------------------------------- *It's like Febtober, but less Scottish... **Well, not really. Do you think I'm stupid or something?


BeamStalk said...

I say go, I am going to Austin this weekend to see some bats fly around.

Fiat Lex said...

Hey, why not go? Driving 400 miles in this nice weather we've been having seems like fun, especially if the expense is totally bearable. Plus, Rogtober is an awesome name. Almost as good, if not better than, Febtober.

And if you're not super busy the preceding weekend, perhaps you might also consider helping us move in to a place to be determined. There will be no hospitals involved.

VWG said...

road trip!