Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mike Doughty Wins the Internet

From Facebook:

Mike Doughty has become the first artist to officially endorse Fender's Hello Kitty line of guitars, which many of you have seen Mike and Scrap play at Question Jar Show gigs in the last year. A longtime Hello Kitty fan, Mike will play the custom Stratocaster-style instruments at all future shows and on his future albums. More on the endorsement deal here:

Also, the blog-based announcement is priceless.  Priceless, I say.  Especially this bit:

As part of the endorsement deal, all future pressings of Mike Doughty's latest album, "Sad Man, Happy Man," will include a slightly altered tracklist: "(I Keep On) Rising Up" will be renamed "(I Keep On) Rising Up (The Hello Kitty Song)." 

EDIT:  Hilariously enough, this post is the top hit for a Topeka Search of "Mike Doughty Hello Kitty."

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