Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well That's Just Great...

So, um, there's a cult of Stalin forming in Russia. That seems like a bad thing. Money quotes from the article:
Inside Russia, the story is more complicated. He was, according to a school textbook adopted last year and endorsed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a “competent manager” who committed atrocities at home out of necessity.
“I think it’s great,” said Raisa Zheleznyak, 67, standing in the metro’s gilded hall. “We lived during those times and the Soviets gave us everything — education, culture. And it was all thanks to him,” she said, pointing at Stalin’s name.
This seems like the sort of thing that just won't end well... Via Truthdig.

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PersonalFailure said...

And the right in the US is legitimizing McCarthy . . . oh, dear.