Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I have updates. I officially have internet. And television. My new motto in life: when all else fails, call DirecTV. Srsly. And so but anyway, I've heard good things about the weekend that involves January 30th. I've also heard good things about a place called the Londoner and that the Gingerman is only a good idea if the weather will cooperate, so the Londoner it is. And something in a late afternoon/early evening time slot seems like a reasonable idea. As for locations, since apparently there are multiple , I'm in Las Colinas. And that's all I know. But I think doing things in Addison is probably a reasonable good idea, since it seems to be central to where everyone else is. Except BeamStalk, but there's really nothing between here and Oklahoma... Also, I was having a conversation with Big A about this whole thing yesterday, since he's actually one of my best friends in real life. It's really weird to have conversations about people you know only through internet 'nyms. I'm not sure if that says something about the state of the world, but, y'know.


Fiat Lex said...

Wait, you seriously live in Las Colinas? That's a place name I know only from GTA: San Andreas! Although I suppose "the hills" in any language is likely a common name for a suburb. XD Still, interesting if true.

And yay internet having. I've read somewhere that M.I.A., the lady who did "Paper Planes", just wrote a song about a 3-hour tech support call entitled "I'm down like your internet connection." Given the state of most people's gadgetry these days, it could be the big dance hit of the spring.

PersonalFailure said...

Ah, moving. The magical time when you say things like, "didn't I used to have spoons" more often than you thought possible.

Oh, and word to the wise: nothing attracts a cop's attention like out of state plates, and traffic laws tend to be different from state to state, so change your plates ASAP.

BeamStalk said...

Texas cops are pretty laid back. Be careful after getting Texas plates when traveling in Oklahoma though. I will try to make it on the 30th, I don't see why I can't at this moment.

Michael Mock said...

Okay, right, so... Howsabout this?

A.H.A.S.T.C. First Official Meeting / Convention / Welcoming Party / Riot / Whatever
Saturday, January 30, 2010
The Londoner
Starting at... I dunno, how does 6:00 sound?

Geds said, "It's really weird to have conversations about people you know only through internet 'nyms."

I like the term "Imaginary Friends".

big a said...

You guys crack me up, this is gonna be good! :D

Fake Al Gore said...

Saturday, January 30th at the Londoner around 6:00pm? Yep, I'm in.

BeamStalk said...

Something has come up for me on the 30th, I could probably have made a lunch time thing, but not an evening. I will have to catch you all again some other time, I am sure I will get the chance.

Geds you can always meet me at the Casino south of Durant. :P

Geds said...

I generally wait until the second meet-up to alienate the members of my fan club, so there's a chance. Hope whatever came up is good and not terrible, terrible news, though.

By "casino" do you mean that crazy freaking place right on the OK/TX border with the facade that includes the Colisseum, De Medici's Castle, the Houses of Parliament, and, basically, the kitsch version of every European landmark? That place is awesome in a very...special...way.

BeamStalk said...

Yes, I believe we are speaking of the same place.

Last weekend was the bad news. Next weekend, I apparently already had plans with my friends here, I forgot but gf reminded me.

BeamStalk said...

If you drove down 69 highway, you drove right by my place.